Erasmus+ ” Nature, ecology and craft, as a heritage of European culture”.


September / October 2018

  • Trip to a protected area: Mount Catalfano.
  • -Meeting at school with Ferdinando Meli, an expert of underwater photography, to know and admire, through videos and photos, the beauty of marine biodiversity in the marine protected area ” Scoglio della formica”.

October 2018

  • Visit to the Botanical Garden of Palermo for the exhibition “Zagara d’Autunno”.
  • Contest among pupils for the logo and the project mascot.
  • Erasmus Corner.

November 2018

  • Working on a video about our school and territory.
  • School contest: draw a protected flower, plant or animal from protected areas of the territory.

December 2018

  • Mobility to Portugal;
  • Open lessons about a protected area of the territory aimed at the publication of a school newspaper, in which were presented protected areas located in the area of ​​each partner school and containing a glossary presenting the basic vocabulary of national languages ​​of the partners.

January/ February 2019

  • Inter-school competition inviting other schools from partner school regions to take part, to carry out a nature-related folder in English about protected plants of the territory.

February 2019

  • Conducting proecological activities by specialists dealing with waste management (recycling, waste segregation), aimed at the publication of the second part of the school newspaper ” How do we do it ?”.

March 2019

  • Visit to the Botanical Garden of Palermo for the exhibition “Zagara di primavera”.
  • Local competition, combined with an exhibition, to produce the most interesting product from recyclable waste materials,
  • Partecipation in “F.A.I ( Italian environment fund) DAYS” on Monte Catalfano.
  • Carrying out a video on the protected species of Monte Catalfano.

April 2019

  • Mobility to Turkey.
  • „Sea Day”, with the contribution from the Port Authorities and the Naval League. The activities were carried out in two moments:
    1. Meeting at school with students to provide information on marine conservation;
    2. Visit of the port and lessons on  how marine signals and sailboats work.
  • “ Diamoci una mossa” project, with the participation of the schools belonging to the “ Bab-el-Gherib” network, the Municipality of Santa Flavia, WWF, Lega Ambiente, the Civil Protection and various associations.. The project was carried out in two moments:
    1. Using recycled object to carry out useful handworks;
    2. Spending a day at the beach to clean it up from litter.

May 2019

  • “Plastic free” project: in the next weeks our school will „adopt” aluminum water bottles for all students, to replace plastic bottles.
  • Mobility to Poland


  • Walk around the school, exploring our school garden, to find out the plants and the flowers, their scientific and common name, possible uses. After that students        wrote a report about one of the plants and/or flowers and they drew it on a A4 paper
  • Walk to Mount Catalfano. During the excursion the students took photos of the plants and flowers growing there.


  • Planting activities in our school garden. The students planted some aromatic plants.
  • Visit to Palermo’s Botanical Garden

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