About project

About project

From September 2018 to August 2020, Primary School No. 4 in Chełm is realising the international Erasmus + project entitled „Nature, ecology, craft as a heritage of European culture” in cooperation with schools:

  • Bower Park Academy, Romford, Wielka Brytania
  • Základní škola Uničov, Haškova 211, Republika Czeska
  • Agrupamento de Escolas de Vilela, Paredes, Portugalia
  • Istituto Comprensivo Statale „Karol Wojtyla-Pontefice” S.Flavia, Włochy
  • Atakent Anadolu Lisesi, Izmir, Turcja

Realizing international project „Nature, ecology, craft as a heritage of European culture” concerning environmental issues we would like to develop in our students as well as the local community the sensitivity to global environmental problems. Moreover, we want to teach how everybody can help to protect the environment in simple way. Working on the project aims the students will learn about the protected areas nearby where rare species of plants and animals live and find out how to spend their free time in active way close to nature. As the project will be realized in the international group, the students will be able to compare the nature of different regions of Europe and see that plenty of the species appear in certain areas only, that’s why it’s important to protect them. The participants of the project will learn how to differentiate protected species, use maps and plans and search and analyze information gathered from various resources such as books, magazines, the Internet. They will disseminate the information and use them in practice. Also, they will keep in touch with nature, develop positive attitudes towards to living organisms and awareness concerning global issue -protecting the environment. We want to teach them the simple ways for protecting the environment on daily basis e.g. recycling, reusing, reducing, sorting the waste or saving water and energy, taking part in worldwide environmental events as well as local actions – Let’s clean up the world, A day without car, planting trees, adopting a wild animal virtually (cooperation with WWF). Another topic of the project is also learning craft, characteristic of the area of each partner school. Various, often dying forms of craft are the heritage of European culture. Other important aspects of participation in the project is foreign language learning, not English only but also the mother tongues of the partners -Polish, Italian, Portuguese, Czech and Turkish. Students will have an opportunity to develop their TIK skills that would be needed for creating the project products : presentations, films, magazines, the project website, blog, online communication between the participants of the project. We assume that thanks to the project work the students will learn group work , make friends with their international contemporaries, increase the motivation towards language and other school subjects learning. These skills might be very helpful in applying for a job in the future. Open air classes, workshops, meetings with interesting people, competitions, school plays and cooperation with the youth from other European countries will increase students’ motivation and willingness of systematic attending the school classes. As a result, they won’t finish their school education early. In our project we offer a great variety of activities not only for our students but also for local community e.g. ecology competitions, art competitions ,drama and photography contests and nature festivals for local communities. During the two years of project work there will be films, presentations, brochures, lesson plans, school play scenarios, picture exhibitions available. All these project products will be published straightaway on the project website and the partner schools websites. All these products will be presented in English and the mother tongues of our partners and will be there during the project and also after the project is finished.

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